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  • Program Milestones

  • Meet the Team

    Michael Girdley


    CEO, Codeup

    Managing Partner, Geekdom Fund
    4 x Programming book author translated into 6 different languages
    2015 San Antonio Businessman of the Year

    Teresa Evans


    Associate Director, San Antonio Angel Network
    PhD Neuroscience, UT Health
    Director, Career Development, UT Health
    Co-Founder, San Antonio Science

    Chris Saum


    Co-Founder/Director of Business Development , MUD Geochemical (successful exit)
    2016 Forbes 30 Under 30: Energy industry

  • Mentors

    We have 58 mentors, check back regularly for updates!

    Bret Piatt

    CEO, Jungle Disk

    Product/Market Fit, Software/Systems Architecture, Go-to-market Strategy

    Lara August

    Principal, Robot Creative

    Strategic Marketing Planning, Marketing plan Implementation, Sales Process Consulting

    Andrew Trickett

    Co-Founder, MergeVR

    Sales Management, Contract Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • More Mentors

    Kay Jones

    CEO, Codeup

    Leadership Development, Career Development, organizational development

    Houston Frost

    Senior Vice President,
    Corporate and Prepaid Development

    Business Development and Partnerships, Product Development / Management, Raising Capital

    Don Douglas

    CEO, Liquid Networx, Partner, GeekdomFund

    Strategic Planning, Startup Mentorship, Growth Capital

    Sheridan Chambers

    Principal, Owner, Denim Group

    Application Security, Founder's Life Guidance, Secure Application Development

    Nick Longo

    Co-Founder, Geekdom

    Branding, Marketing, Noble Cause

    Graham Weston

    Entrepreneur & Startup Pioneer

    Business Strategy, Leadership, Financing

    Lorenzo Gomez

    CEO, Geekdom

    Storytelling, project management, leadership

    Pat Matthews

    CEO, Filestack

    Financing, Operations, Founder's Life Guidance

    Chris Burney

    Executive Director, San Antonio Angel Network

    Raising Capital, Startup Finance, Business Model strategy / Generating Revenue

    Mike Troy

    CEO, FlashScan3D, Partner, Geekdom Fund

    Financing- Dilutive and Non, Startup Operations, Market Identification

    Danny Chavez

    Vice President – Business Development, SAEDF & Co-Founder – Epux

    Marketing, Public/Private Fundraising, Strategic Planning

    Andrea Kalmans

    Principal, Lontra Ventures

    Go to market, Fundraising, Business Development

    Steven Fargo

    CEO, DataWing

    Organizational Strategy and Leadership, Customer Education, New Business Management

    Amit Mehta

    Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Intrinsic Imaging

    Financing - Dilutive and Non, Operations, Strategy/Development

    Lew Moorman

    Co-Founder, GP, Scaleworks

    Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), Financing

    Stephanie Chandler

    Technology Practice Leader, Chair of SA

    Corporate Practice - Jackson Walker

    Financing, Go To Market Strategy, Acquisition Readiness

    Michael Sitarzewski

    CEO of Epic Playground, Inc., Publisher of Launch DFW, Dallas Startup Evangelist​

    Bootstrapping, Strategy, Brainstorming

    Landon Phillips

    COO, DataWing

    Operations/KPI Development, Work-life balance, Client Relationship Building, Customer Intimacy

    Jamie Hong

    Operations and Strategy Executive

    Leadership Development & Team Building, 3-5 year planning, Operational Excellence

    Dax Moreno

    Director of Programs, Geekdom

    Top of Funnel Revenue, Sales, & Marketing, Leadership, Market Strategy

    Michael Hopkins

    Founding Partner, Employer Flexible

    Business Development, Internal Affairs, Founder's Life Guidance

    Paula Waggoner-Aguilar

    CEO & Founder, The Energy CFO®

    Strategy, Finance, Risk Management

    Parker Powers

    Founder, Blackwell SGP

    Branding, Marketing, Strategy

    Scott White

    VP Sales, Rackspace

    Operations, Sales, Marketing

    John F. Dini

    President, MPN Inc.

    Entrepreneurial Leadership, Management, Operations

    Gerald Wilmink, PhD

    CEO, WiseWear

    Fundraising, Business Development, Founder's Life Guidance

    Cole Wollak

    Engineer, FlashScanD, Associate, GeekdomFund

    Customer Discovery/Development, Technical Development, Financing

    Marc Medrano

    Vice President, Sales and Business Development

    Customer Discovery/Development, Technical Development, Financing

    Cliff Turner

    Enterprise Sales Engineer, Cloud Passage

    Sales, Operations, Marketing for Technical Products

    Chris Smiley

    Business performance advisor, Insperity, CFP

    Human Capital Strategy, Financial Services, Sales

    Huw Edwards

    CFO, CSO, Jungle Disk

    Finance, Deal Negotiation, Founder's Life Guidance

    Brandon Marker

    Partner, Venture Capital

    Strategy, Finance, Metrics

    Tom Cuthbert

    Chairman, Vistage

    Startups, Funding, Growth

    Michael DeFelice

    Principal Data Scientist at Jungle Disk, LLC

    Solutions Architect, Growth Hacking, Data Driven Development

    Jenny Jeansonne

    VP Corporate Development, Bouxtie

    Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Monetization

    Andrew Levy

    Co-Founder, KettleSpace Inc.

    Enteprise Sales, Digital Marketing, Fundraising

    Luiz Pablo Gonzalez

    CEO, ParLevel Systems

    Business and Product Strategy, Leadership, Fundraising

    Denise Court

    Founder, Full Court Marketing

    B2B Market Strategy, Marketing and Branding Strategy, Early Stage Sales

    Donna White

    Managing Partner, August Venture Talent

    Hiring, Growth, Building Company Culture

    Chris Parish

    Strategic Sales, PlanGrid

    B2B Sales Strategy, Sales Leadership, Sales Recruiting

    Steven Chenoweth

    Founder, SQMedia

    B2B Sales and Marketing

    Doug Hillary

    SVP, Dell Technologies

    Transformation Management, Big Data Analytics, Services

    Matt Reedy

    Executive Director of Innovation, USAA

    Technology Strategy, Marketing, Enterprise Sales

    Kristine Bryant

    CEO, Gladiator Consulting

    Business Planning, Strategic Marketing, Branding

    Patrick Barrett

    Director of Product Management, TrendKite

    UI/UX, Product Management, User Generated Content

    Austin Osborne

    Machine Learning Engineer, Capital One

    Machine Learning, Algorithm Development, Presenting Ideas in a Large Forum

    Brannon Lacey

    VP & GM of Applications and Platforms, Rackspace

    Strategy, Fundraising, Operations

    Ron Brien

    Principal & VP of Tech Sales and Marketing, iCMO Consultants

    Enterprise Sales, Marketing Leadership, Strategic Partnering

    Jeremy White

    Entrepreneur in Residence, Co-Founder and CEO Pro-Vigil, Inc.

    Entrepreneurship, Marketing - Lead Generation, Sales Technology

    Rick Martinez

    Entrepreneur in Residence, Entrepreneur and Author

    Culture Building, Marketing, Personal Development

    Kent Kingery

    Cloud Practitioner/Evangelist, Rackspace

    Technology Architecture and Design, Team Dynamics, Marketing

    Bill Cone


    Finance, Funding, Mentorship

    Tyler Johnson

    International Sales and Business Executive

    International Go-To Market Strategy focused on Asia, Business Development, and Sales/Marketing for Developed and Emerging Markets

    John Connolly

    President of ActionCOACH of Greater San Antonio

    Cash Flow, Sales, Time Mastery

    Jose Ancer

    Partner and CTO, MEMN

    Financing Strategy, Corporate Governance, Contracts

  • Portfolio Companies


    Dauber utilizes a novel algorithm to ensure efficiency in dump track fleet operation. Additionally, Dauber allows for a contractor to order a truck at the push of a button.

    Mr Presta

    Mr Presta utilizes analytics to better target small businesses lending opportunities in LATAM. Mr Presta is an analytics driven lending platform for small businesses in Latin America.


    FunnelAI is an artificial intelligence based engine that automates a certain business process by leveraging machine learning and continuous loop deep learning to improve the outcome of the process.

  • Blog

  • Check out Dauber, a RealCo team, in the spring edition of Who's Who in Building and Construction.

    Jan 27, 2017

    RealCo Seed Fund Program Opens in San Antonio for Internet Tech Startups

    January 25, 2017

    Homegrown tech startup Seed fund Program aims to fill hole left by Techstars

    Jan 20, 2017

    RealCo Seed Fund Program to Back Local, Global Startups

    February 28, 2017

    RealCo Fills The Tech Accelerator Void In San Antonio

    March 1, 2017

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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long is RealCo?

    A: Duration of the RealCo program is up to 15 months.

    Q: Is there a Demo-Day?

    A: No. RealCo creates a strategic investor engagement plan for all portfolio companies.

    Q: When is the application deadline?

    A: We have quarterly rolling admissions.

    Q: How do I get the $100K follow-on funding?

    A: By reaching Level 2 and 3 with RealCo.

    Q: Can I be a Mentor?

    A: Maybe! Send us an e-mail or stop by the RealCo space if you'd like to discuss this further.

    Q: I have an app, can I join RealCo?

    A: If your app is a B2B app with a large target market, sure! Otherwise, most likely not.

    Q: How much funding do you offer?

    A: Up to $125,000. $25,000 for 6% common stock initially, and two $50,000 convertible notes when levels 2 and 3 are reached, respectively.

    Q: What occurs if the company achieves the milestones before the 15-month timeline?

    A: The 15 months is not a hard timeline, some companies may only be in the program for 6 months, others may utilize the full 15-month program.


    Q: How many companies do you plan to have in your program?

    A: RealCo has the capacity for 10 companies.

    Q: How can i apply?

    Q: Do companies have to take the $25K, if they come in at level 2 (or beyond)?

    A: Yes. Companies receive $25,000 for 6% common stock, regardless of what level they come in at.

    Q: How often will I meet with the RealCo team?

    A: Weekly, but the benefit of co-locating is that the RealCo team is just a few steps away.

    Q: Can I raise money during the program?

    A: Of course! We want you to do what’s best for the company and the founders. Most companies raise money in the program and we help with that process.

    Q: What does a day at RealCo look like?

    A: You’ll do normal work days building your business by making customers love you. Those days will just be turbocharged, as needed, with support from the RealCo team and mentors.

    Q: When are start dates?

    A: Companies join the program when they’re ready. We don’t have a fixed start or end date. While we do have application deadlines, we want our program to be startup-first and that means starting on your timeline.

    Q: What is the on-boarding process?

    A: We’ll start by getting to know you and your business through the application process. After acceptance, we have an on-boarding meeting where we do a deep dive into your business.

    Q: Do I need to relocate to San Antonio?

    A: We ask that the leadership team of the company spend the majority of their time in our offices for the first 4 months of the program. After that, we can mutually work with you to determine the right path for the business. The more time you’re with us, the more we can help.

    Q: What is the cadence of the program?

    A: The program is based on the idea of building real businesses. Along the way, you’ll have regular meetings with the RealCo team each week. You’ll meet with your mentors several times a month. We have all-program meetings each week for each company to check-in with the other companies in the program.

    Q: Is your company a fit for RealCo?

    A: We look for companies who meet the following criteria: Internet-Tech B2B, Complete Team, Large Target Market, Relentlessly Resourceful Teams

    Q: What should I expect if I join?

    A: The program is based on the idea of building real businesses. Along the way, you’ll have regular meetings with the RealCo team each week. You’ll meet with your mentors several times a month. We have all-program meetings each week for each company to check-in with the other companies in the program.

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