• Get on the path to Series A

    with our 15-month program.

    RealCo is a long-term accelerator that invests in,

    incubates, and accelerates B2B tech startups.

  • RealCo vs Traditional Accelerators

  • Meet the Team

    Richard Grote

    Managing Director

    5 x company co-founder,

    Ran a travel accelerator,

    Organizer of Boulder

    Startup Week

    Jenni White


    Former COO at Codeup,

    Consultant for Trinity University's Students+Startups Program,

    Front-end programmer


    Chris Saum


    Co-Founder/Director of Business Development, MUD Geochemical (successful exit)
    2016 Forbes 30 Under 30: Energy

    Michael Girdley

    Chairman of the Board

    Managing Partner, Geekdom Fund

    4 x CEO
    4 x programming book author
    Enterprise software experience

  • Some of Our Mentors

    Bret Piatt

    CEO, Jungle Disk

    Product/Market Fit, Software/Systems Architecture, Go-to-market Strategy

    Andrea Kalmans

    Principal, Lontra Ventures

    Go-to-market, Fundraising,

    Business Development

    Andrew Trickett

    Co-Founder, MergeVR

    Sales Management, Contract Negotiations, Mergers & Acquisitions

    Lara August

    Principal, Robot Creative

    Strategic Marketing Planning, Marketing Plan Implementation, Sales Process Consulting

    Houston Frost

    SVP, Corporate and Prepaid Development

    Business Development and Partnerships, Product Development / Management, Raising Capital

    Michael DeFelice

    Principal Data Scientist at Jungle Disk, LLC

    Solutions Architect, Growth Hacking,

    Data Driven Development

  • Companies


    Dauber is a network of on-highway dump trucks using Dauber’s web and mobile applications to optimize routes, get more work, eliminate phone calls and paperwork and, simply, make more money. Think of them as air traffic control for dump trucks.


    Up to 80% of purchases are made for others. Dearduck is the only software that personalizes for customers AND their networks. Retailers that work with Dearduck increase sales by hyper-personalizing their outreach, engaging with customers in the right context, and activating each customer’s intent to buy.


    FileThis is a data and document aggregation engine for Fintech platforms. Their core competency is their ability to link to consumer financial accounts and household accounts and retrieve online bills, statements, and other digital notices as searchable PDF files.


    FunnelAI is a patent-pending service that connects businesses with real-time prospects using artificial intelligence to scour through millions of real-time social media posts. Their customers span from auto dealerships to real estate agencies to health food companies.

    MR Presta

    MR Presta offers working capital financing for small and medium-size online retailers in Mexico and Brazil. They assess creditworthiness based on e-commerce marketplace data from MercadoLibre, the eBay of LATAM, to complement traditional credit bureau sources.

    Stealth Mode x 2

    RealCo works with 2 additional startups that are currently in stealth mode. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

  • After 1 Year, RealCo has 7 Startups, 1 New Managing Director, and Ambitious Plans

    April 5, 2018

    Check out Dauber, a RealCo team, in the spring edition of Who's Who in Building and Construction.

    Jan 27, 2017

    RealCo Seed Fund Program Opens in San Antonio for Internet Tech Startups

    January 25, 2017

    Homegrown tech startup Seed fund Program aims to fill hole left by Techstars

    Jan 20, 2017

    RealCo Seed Fund Program to Back Local, Global Startups

    February 28, 2017

    RealCo Fills The Tech Accelerator Void In San Antonio

    April 5, 2017

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  • FAQ

    Q: How can I join the program?

    A: Begin by applying here. We'll review your application and go from there.

    Q: What types of companies are ideal for this program?

    A: We work with companies who fit the following profile: Internet-Tech B2B, Complete Team, Large Target Market, and Relentlessly Resourceful Founders.

    Q: Do I need to relocate my business to participate?

    A: No. We do ask teams to come to San Antonio for a Launch Week at the very beginning of their program, but work can be done remotely throughout the 15 months. Weekly RealCo meetings and Advisory Team meetings will be held virtually.

    Q: When does the program start and end?

    A: Companies join the program when they’re ready. We have a rolling application process instead of a fixed start or end date, and the program duration is 15 months.

    Q: What is the cadence of the program?

    A: The program is based on the idea of building real businesses. We provide our network, effort, and resources to make your company more successful than if you're going it alone. Along the way, you’ll have regular meetings with the RealCo team, meet with your mentors, and engage in specialized educational programming as needed.

    Q: Is there a Demo Day?

    A: No. RealCo works to help companies raise their funds from investors when needed rather than throw a Demo Day event.

    Q: How often will I meet with the RealCo team?

    A: There are weekly meetings with the RealCo team, monthly meetings with your advisory team, and impromptu chats as needed. We usually talk to participants daily if not more often.

    Q: What occurs if the company raises a series A before the 15-month mark?

    A: 15 months is not a hard timeline; some companies may only be in the program for 6 months, others may utilize the full 15-month program.


    Q: Can I raise money during the program?

    A: Of course! We want you to do what’s best for the company and the founders. Most companies raise money during the program, and we help with that process.

    Q: Can I be a Mentor?

    A: Let's talk. Send us an email or stop by the RealCo space if you'd like to discuss this opportunity.

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