Welcome FunnelAI

Funnel Ai is the newest team in the RealCo Portfolio. Learn more about them through an interview with their CEO, Sridhar Kamma.

What is FunnelAI?

FunnelAI was founded with the vision to help businesses thrive by automating their business processes by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). We offer an AI-Based, deep learning & machine-language technology that helps businesses connect with their prospects in real-time from social media, forums and other public sites, with up to 70% conversion rates.

Where did you get the idea for the company?

The idea originated when I was working on my first startup to find leads for it, and found the problems with traditional lead generation solutions using marketing ad campaigns, cold calling or cold emailing that are less effective or almost none, but noticed many consumers posting on social media and other relevant sites looking directly for product or services, or even recommendations. With the background in AI, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to build a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based solution to let the software read the posts or messages and determine the context of it just like a human would determine if that post is a prospect. That solution was unique, and not only did it provide me with prospects, but helped save time and resources with lead generation. The solution was later expanded to other industry verticals and started FunnelAI.

What was the driving force behind your choice to become and entrepreneur?

I had the thriving desire to become an entrepreneur since my childhood after spending time during summer vacations with my grandfather who had a retail store, and watching his charisma, customer experience and how he was admired by everyone in his hometown. This made me want to always give back to the community. Working with limited resources, from childhood, and having to build solutions from salvaged items gave me the invention bug. I always want to build great solutions with the best of the limited resources available. Having my own web development startup from my dorm room while pursuing my masters, helping set up & build out a construction company with my father, and having ideas to disrupt traditional business processes have made me want to start my entrepreneurship career full time. So, in 2015 I took the leap into starting my first startup.

What do you admire about your team members?

Suja is also my elder sister and a role model for me. We have leaned on each other for support and encouragement all along. I have great admiration for her determination and passion for becoming an entrepreneur and sharing her leadership expertise with the team.

Suman, who shares a similar passion for entrepreneurship, had worked on building his own startup and shares the common passion for sharing the knowledge and experiences within startup community. I admire his passion and trust him to help with FunnelAI and he sees the same vision for FunnelAI that I have, to make it a very successful and disruptive company.

What is your vision for FunnelAI in 5 years?

I would like to see FunnelAI become the solution provider for any business, and help businesses leverage AI solutions to automate their business processes in almost all areas of their business.

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